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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

  EMAS Inventry System  

EMAS Inventory is a real time system that updates stock immediately when transactions are entered into system. It also has a simple order entry module that generates Sales Order, Purchase Order, Delivery Order, Invoices, Credit and Debit Notes. A simple and yet powerful Bill of Material module has been included to enhance the system.

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Inventory Features
Different unit of measurement and conversion factors
Can handle transactions up to 18 months
Can be integrated into accounts
Sales & Purchase order tracking process
Able to maintain different pricing structure for different customers & suppliers
Prompt over-credit limit message and password required to approve the transaction
Selling Price Control- sell below net price or cost and password required from supervisor to approve the transaction
Able to trace selling & purchase prices in foreign & local currencies
Able to create bill by project(s)
Different costing method to choose from-FIFO,Last Purchase Cost, Fixed Cost, Moving Average Cost
Comprehensive security control
- Assigned features and menu according to the user id
- Tracking of transaction through user i.d
Able to generate reorder advice
Able to trade in multi-currencies
Able to handle partial & multiple deliveries
Secret code for cost
User Defined Fields- user can add in defined fields and apply formula on it
Able to transfer goods from one location to another especially those with multiple warehouses
Able to trace selling & purchase prices in foreign & local currencies
Able to assemble components into a finished product with automatic calculation of the cost
Can dismantle the assembled item and sell the parts, providing reports on components' profit and selling price
Able to swop component(s) even after assemble the Finished Product, upon issuing the bill
Help function available by pressing F1
Access to costing information through user id
Enable to handle specialized stock items eg. item with serial no. or with sizes e.g shoes
Stock quantity is provided when doing transaction

Inventory Reports
• Bill Check List Delivery Listing
Physical Worksheet
Stock Card
Selling Price by item or customer No
Purchase Price by item or customer No
Sales Analysis
Audit Trail
Gross Profit By customer agent/area/product/group
Yearly Sales & Purchases report
Quantity on hand by location
Location sales
Location Profit
Month to date item status
Transaction Summary
Project Report
Packing List Delivery Order & Sales Order
Quotation Based On Item No/ Customer No
Available Stock Balance Report
GRN Report
Month to Date Item Status- Print By Location

EMAS Software
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