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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

  EMAS Bank Book Manager  

Businessmen today wants to avoid bank from closing their bank accounts due to bounce cheques. They need accurate and timely information about their bank balance at their fingertip to operate at optimal efficiency. The Emas Bank Book Manager helps you to achieve this.

Bank Book Features
• Controlling Bank Account Cash Flow.
• System provides warning if the bank account balance is below certain Limit.
• Auto updating Bank Balance upon issue cheque.
• Controlling Cheque clearing date.
• Managing Hold Cheque, Cancel Cheque, and Return Cheque.
• Posted Dated Cheque
• System is providing inquiry on Bank Account future 6-month total Cheque Receipt & Cheque Payment.
• No Accounting or bookkeeping Knowledge requires.

Bank Book Reports

Bank Code Listing
Cheques Received Listing
• Cheques Issues Listing
• Print Bank Balance
• Total Cheques Received
• Total Cheques Return
• Total Cheques Cancelled
• Total Cheques Hold
• Total Cheques Issued
• Print Cheques
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